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Elite: Dangerous Now In Alpha 2.0

By JcDent06-02-2014

Elite is one of those space games that I'm inexplicably too young to have played (despite being so old). Well, Elite: Dangerous is its Kickstarter sequel which has now entered Alpha 2.0 stage! This means that Alpha Backers can now partake in multiplayer combat.

So far, the game offers a few modes

*Regular (space)ass free-for-all deathmatch

*Team deathmatch

*Immaculate Defense: Federation dreadnaught „The Immaculate" is stranded – rally other players to defend it from waves upon waves of bots!

*"Ethics and Credits". A mode where you either fly around defending miner ships and swatting pirates („Ethics") or run around robbing (and blowing up) miners, stealing their haul and selling it for money („Credits").

Also, there are two Alphas planned before they finally release Premium Beta, and we can expect the game in some nebulous time after that.

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Oh, I am looking forward to this. I loved Elite back in the day and played it for many hours on the Commodore 64.