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Elite: Dangerous – Galaxy Evolution

By NeonAnderson03-12-2012

Elite: Dangerous is a Kickstarter project that so far has had an impressive reception and looks on track to be successfully funded. Hoping to keep the funding coming and, of course, inform the faithful funders more about the game they have funded, the latest developer diary explains about how the Galaxy will evolve and change over time. The developer has explained some very unique concepts and if implemented correctly they should make for an amazing gaming experience.

The summary of the Developer Diary, for those short on time:

  • Planets experiencing economic booms will start building space stations
  • Space stations will be built over time and can be viewed in its building phases and then visited in its final phases
  • Galaxy events, such as a new space station opening, coincide with missions and contracts that players can play
  • Players will have full choices in relation to each event thus if a planet is starving and the player performs a mission to acquire food, he can either sell it off at a high premium or give it as a charity
  • Different planets will attack each other and take advantage of planets experiencing a crisis
  • When a war occurs players can choose which side to help
  • In the multiplayer, there will be many social and community aspects for example, if multiple players all help the same NPC side in a ware, that side will then win the war
  • NPCs will adapt to player discoveries and decisions, this in turn links in with missions becoming available for players and links in with the multiplayer aspects
  • The developer plans to add more content post-launch, coinciding with what the players enjoy the most

If any of this excites you, be sure to check out their Kickstarter page here and add your funding to the pot. There are 32 days left to go and they have already reached £646,456 out of a £1.25 million goal.

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