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Elite: Dangerous Fills Space With Space Stations

By JcDent10-09-2013

Elite: Dangerous is the runner up to the indie space sim race that's headed by Star Citizen (meanwhile, X series developers are like "eh, people played our games back when you needed a starship pilot's licence, where are they going to go now?") and the most recent newsletter is dealing with space stations, much like the pictured and supposedly iconic Coriolis.

Now, stations in Elite are going to be quite frequent - and quite different! A modular approach means that the players will be able to build up stations according to their needs and possibilities. For example, the greenhouse modules are meant for stations that are close enough to a star to grow food. Why? Because food grown under "natural light" costs extra (just try and argue that we don't have crazier food trends today).

This also allows you to see how the station grows! At the same time, different bases will have different stylistic looks (so that you could know if you need to unleash torpedoes right now). But all of them are going to be governed, in design, by scientific plausibility, gravity (as it's only created by spinning) and functionality (where do you want more or less gravity, where do you store stuff, etc).

And that's not all - space stations won't be built instantly. Instead, a ship will arrive to act as a placeholder station while the construction takes place. And the station won't have to be 100% complete to function - it just mean that some functions will start sooner than others.

The construction as a whole will make player missions and those will let you either aid or hamper development. To the point where the construction crew could say "fuck it" and leave a half-finished station behind. Goons are gonna love this.

On a less stationary note, Battleships are going to be these humongous ships... that will still require player assistance from time to time. Look at them, they're awesome!

Seems like it's good times for space sim fans.

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