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Elite Brings Out the Space Wall Street

By 97128-04-2014

Elite Dangerous, the upcoming fourth installment to the Elite series, has released its latest newsletter and they are talking economics. Like its predecessor, Frontier Developments, it wants to remind us that there is much more to this game than space combat.

In their 20th newsletter they have begun to explain how a huge economy will be implemented into the game. Needless to say just trying to understand the complexity almost makes the economy in Eve online look easy.

"Each star system has a different basic type of economy – for example agricultural, industrial, hi-tech, extraction, refining or service, and some have a mix of these basics – such as extraction and refining are often (but not always) in the same system. From a commodities perspective all but a service economy produce items for consumption. This creates an active trade network."

Not only that, they took it a step further. The economies are not dictated, or random, but are dependent on key aspects you would expect from certain regions on our own planet.

“The kind of planets, chemical composition, temperature, presence of asteroid fields, and other celestial bodies govern the resources that are prevalent in a system, and hence what drives the economy and what goods are produced.”

Tackling the basic 'Supply and Demand', Elite's economy will be interdependent on trading between star systems to stimulate this. This way markets between star systems are linked with a clear knock-on effect created by the players. But if players have such a huge influence, how will the developers test something like this?

The answer is the developers have made a neat little tool that helps simulate trading on a galactic level called MiniElite that uses AI's to test trade routes. Drawing data from star systems and their economies, as you can see in the video, they have spared almost no detail in the mechanics. Not to mention the speed at which the AI's acted, turning hours of trading to seconds.

On a final note, Alpha is no longer available for purchase. Instead, payers still wanting early access to the game can purchase the Beta.

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Posts: 166

I hope this is as enjoyable as the Original Elite. I spent many hours on it in my younger days.