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Elder Scrolls Online Lore

By Mokman11-12-2012

In preparation for The Elder Scrolls Online, Bethesda seems to be focusing more upon the lore aspect of the world they have created. As such, lore buffs would be pleased to note that the company has recently released on its blog an online Q&A regarding the lore of the Aldemeri Dominion. It goes in-depth into the details of the wood and high elves, expanding upon what we got glimpses at in previous Elder Scrolls games. There are a few interesting gems of lore touched upon in here, such as the cannibalism of the Bosmer, or the architectural details of the Elven buildings, enough to keep long-time fans of the Elder Scrolls Universe satiated.

This is a wise move for Bethesda to be making right now. Arguably, its top priority in marketing TESO is to create a proper universe and sell it out to the general public, if it wants to compete on the MMO market. However, as has been shown in recent times, most MMOs barely hang in there as a result of a good IP, as was with the tragic stagnation of Warhammer Online, and the flagging fortunes of SWTOR. TESO needs more than simply lore to pull players in... after all, if Skyrim were a game full of books and bookshelves, and nothing else, I doubt it would have enjoyed the success it did. It remains to be seen if Bethesda can truly pull off something amazing - or if this simply is another example of a respectable IP crashing and burning in the MMO market.

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(squeals gleefully)

I can't wait for this game. From the looks of what they want to do with the game it sounds like an TES game, but online. The biggest thing they need to get down is questing and exploration. If past TES games have shown, the combat can be pure shit and people will still love the game.

also, Skyrim became a much better game when they made it easier to put books on bookshelves. That's a fact.