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Elder Scrolls Online is Coming

By KamikazeGoomba11-12-2013

The day has been announced. The day upon which many fans of the Elder Scrolls will officially lock themselves in their rooms with a gaming PC and several bags of Cheetos, to never return to the light of day again...until they need a refill on Cheetos. Bethesda have announced that their upcoming MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online will be released on April 4th, 2014. Despite the fact that I'm not that invested in buying it (because of the monthly fees), I still want to see were the game will go in its attempts to stand out. You could throw a rock into a crowd of people and hit someone that's worked on an MMORPG that's been crushed under the massive expansions and player base of World of Warcraft. But, I don't think of Bethesda as the type to make a rash move against the enormous mass that is WOW without maybe thinking it through.

But a release date on its own would make for a most disappointing announcement, and because of this a new trailer for Elder Scrolls Online was released alongside it. The trailer shows some of the combat between two unknown opposing groups, and it certainly feels like Elder Scrolls. But much like MMOs tend to naturally do it appears to be focused on a group based battle system, with crowds of swordsmen running in blindly, while the archers and mages safely attack from a distance. It makes you wonder what the point in character creation is when you just get swarmed in the group attacks. Yet, this is still just speculation from a trailer 4 months before the release of an otherwise appealing MMORPG.

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Are you just going to give up on the world........ of elders?

You know how else just gave up Clyde? The French... are you French Clyde? Volouz-vous couchee avec moi Clyde? (my French is pretty bad sorry lol :P)