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Elder Scrolls: Online gets Mature, also Group Content

By CameronW23-01-2014

You know you play too much Warcraft when the idea of open world group content in an MMO makes you go "Wow, that sounds impressive!" but I will admit, watching the attached dev gameplay before is probably one of the first times I've looked at ESO and thought that it could be a lot of fun. The devs in the video go over some of the stronger baddies that you'll run into out in the world, from simple one mob pulls to big crazy cutscene events with portals and explosions and the like. The biggest thing that hit me while I was watching the gameplay was that It actually looked like Elder Scrolls gameplay and not some random MMO where you zoomed in to first person view.

While there's plenty of combat in the video, there's also some time spent explaining waypoints and how they plan to make it easy to play with your friends without just appearing next to them or having everything be instances and queue times a'la World of Warcraft. It all seems pretty similar to Guild Wars 2's waypoint system, but with the ability to easily teleport to your team member's closest waypoint without studying the map to find them.

So, we've got waypoints, rock dudes, big snake ladies, portals, and groups, how about some adult content? Okay that sounds pretty creepy, especially with the Elder Scrolls history with modding. Bethesda wanted a T rating, but it looks like the ESRB had something else in mind and slapped on the M rating. The developers disagree with the decision but state that they aren't going to change any of the content to get a different rating. Go ahead and throw a decapitation option in there guys, honestly, we wont mind.

Elder Scrolls is still slated to be hitting store shelves on April 4th, with the console releases backed up to June.

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