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Elder Scrolls Enter a Siege

By JcDent05-04-2014

So, you've already heard about The Elder Scrolls Online and their cinematic trailers. So far we saw a rag tag band of adventurers attacking an Imperial bastion (I guess) and some strange gates dropping from the sky, teleporting in a bunch of nigh unkillable Overlord wannabes (most likely a dremora overwork – horrible and boring, like many adaptations for MMOs are). So, what comes out from it all?

An assault on the imperial capital. The stargating baddies have taken the city, killed the emperor and left the ruby throne vacant. Argonians, Nords from Skyrim and others are closing in, swarming in of those horrible "Never heard of such a thing as battle line" fantasy battles. Spells are unleashed, walls are cracked, arrows get ignored, you know the drill.

And you probably know if you want a game even without cinematic trailers.

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Nice trailer. I played the Beta and it was a lot of fun, so picked the game up today. Only other MMOs I've really played are about 50 hours of Guild Wars 2, DC Universe and Neverwinter, but I'm really excited to get into Elder Scrolls Online. Hell, it's an ES game, I was never not going to buy it.