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Eidos Montreal Podcast Steals New Thief Details

By BloodyFanGirl06-12-2013

Eidos Montreal have posted another Stealing Time podcast, the official development podcast for the upcoming Thief reboot, and in it they have revealed a bunch more details about the game. This episode specifically concerns the new game's user interface and customisation options. You can listen to the new podcast here. There's also a blog post on the European Square Enix blog here that breaks down everything covered and presents it in bullet point format for quick and easy reference.

The podcast covers the on-screen prompts and hints that the player can turn on or off, which there are a lot of. There's a blog post with some helpful screen shots over at the Eidos Montreal blog here. The podcast also covers difficulty settings and mode selection. Amongst the modes on offer is Classic Thief mode, for the fans of the earlier games in the series, as well as the insane difficulty of Ultimate Thief mode where the goal posts for failure are moved and failure itself means having to restart the entire game. Check it out.

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