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Eidos Montreal Gives a Peek at Narrative

By ember29-06-2013

What would a game be without its story and narrative? A whole lot of game play without any reason as to why you're running around in a power suit shooting at little gremlins. So it's imperative, at least for me, that a game have a good amount of substance mixed in with that game play.

In Thief, the main protagonist Garrett was raised in an orphanage but eventually escaped. He had no parents so the only way to meet his basic needs was to start stealing at an early age. As an adult you use stealth and wit to steal from the rich and help the desperate poor on the streets.

When the project began Steven Gallagher, Narrative Director for Thief, and his team looked to a sort of "What would Garrett do?" sort of inspiration. How would he react and act towards events. As for implementing the ideas that come to paper from this inspiration, the team has a couple of designers to help give those ideas life.

When listening to Gallagher talk about the bridge between the game play and narrative, it makes me wonder if Thief is truly an open world game. Gallagher talks about how the city revolves around the main story line, and that there would be extra content for other players to explore. However it seems like these are more easter eggs from the previous game and a few sidequests from the way Gallagher is speaking about the game.

Thief has a lot of potential to be a more expansive game than previous stealth titles like Assassin's Creed and Dishonored.

From what you have seen, is Thief going to be just another stealth title or like Garrett could it be more than just that?

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