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Eden Star...ter

By Bobfish18-10-2013

Like pretty much everything in the universe these days, this interesting little Indie sci-fi has made it's way to the almighty Kickstarter, with the aim being to explore your bank balance for loose change and fund a trip to the planet Pharus 7. Crowdfunded extra solar colonisation? Take note here NASA!

Listing a whole slew of insiprations from Tron to Mirror's Edge, honestly, the first thing that came to my mind was Magrunner...and I'm not entirely sure why. But I can tell you it looks extremely interesting. Of course, the pitch video is filled with all the usual "game we always wanted to play" stuff that you'd expect, and they even aknowledge that fact. So all i have to say in reponse is, well, this is certainly a game I want to play too. I really hope they hit their lofty £620,000 (yes, pounds, not dollars) goal. So come on, dig deep people. We keep screaming that we want something fresh, well here it is.

Fund this thing!

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