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Echoing All the Way from Kickstarter

By Bunnysuit16-01-2015

Echo Tokyo is an upcoming visual novel for PC, MAC, and Linux. The game is labeled by developer Adam Tilley as an "open world" experience and the screenshots for the game show an interactive comic book experience.

In a dystopian future you play as Shizume Misaki and Light Keiji, each one offering a different view on the city and a different storyline. The two storylines can be played either simultaneously or one after the other. You can date, take up jobs, purchase outfits, and decide who lives and who dies amongst other things.
Echo Tokyo has already been successfully funded on Kickstarter and still has some time left to go. They have even reached their first stretch goal - Character Animations and Additional NPC's. The next goal, at £12000, will be Additional Romanceable characters in game. Personally, I'm really interested in the last goal at £25,000, which is "wink wink nudge nudge say no more". Echo Tokyo is also in Steam Greenlight, so get voting.

In this open world you can "choose what you want to do" which doesn't sound very much different to other visual novels already in the market. Just because you can choose what you want to do doesn't make it open world. Random events will happen while "exploring". Unfortunately there is no demo available to check out how open Echo Tokyo actually is as yet.

The planned release of the full game is at the end of this year.

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I admit I'm intrigued. But sceptical

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Yeah that part is still unclear.

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How exactly does one do open world visual novels..?