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Echoes of Endless... Space

By JcDent29-11-2012

Power up that Steam account of yours and get on Endless Space's free weekend!

As you may know from my excellent review, Endless Space in an awesome space 4X game. It looks good, it plays nice and had a lot of replayability. And now Amplitude studios (the devs) and Iceberg Interactive (the publishers) have released another free add-on for it! “Echoes of the Endless” is followed by a free weekend that lasts from 29th November to 3rd December. There is also a 50% discount for the game, as well as a community event; as more and more people play during the free weekend hidden prizes will be unlocked, the final of which is the Automaton Ship Models.

Besides all this swag, “Echoes of the Endless” offers exploration rewards, interactive random events, new set pieces for the galactic map, new heroes and revamped hero trees, and much more!

Seriously, why not check it out yourself? It is free for this weekend and endlessly addictive!

As always, feel free to share your thoughts here. Because we care, we really do!

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