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Easter Egg Found Year After Tease

By BloodyFanGirl18-07-2013

We've covered gaming Easter eggs before and this is something that the Battlefield series is no stranger to. But a year after the release of the series' latest instalment a rather elusive Easter egg has finally been found by the game's diligent community.

The Easter egg in question was hinted at last year by Tomas Danko, DICE's former voice-over producer. Now it's been found and the extremely specific conditions that need to be met in order to find it have been revealed. To find this little gaming nugget for yourself you'll need to play as the US faction, you'll need to position yourself between 110 and 350 meters from a spotter as well as under 350 meters from an AA gun being spotted. On top of all of this there's only a chance that the Easter egg will be accessible even after meeting these conditions. You could do that or you could watch Youtube user JacksFrags' video instead. Enjoy!

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I don't know if I should call thid dedication or obsession...but it's worthy of respect either way