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East vs West Is No More

By JcDent10-03-2014

East vs West was supposed to be a new Grand Strategy game published by Paradox and cantered around the Cold War. Alas, it's not meant to be. Writing on Paradox forums, they announced that the game, in development since 2011, has been cancelled. Kind words about BL studios, the developer, were said, but it in the end, Paradox states that they must do this as a publisher.

The main reason for cancellation? Running overtime. "As the project has been severly delayed we dont think that open beta/Early acccess could, within our desired timeline, meet the set criteria." was the quote in the forum. If only they had skipped the CryEngine 3 implementation of Khrushchev beating his shoe on the desk in UN...

So, that's it, folks. At least for the foreseeable future, Paradox will not have a game past WWII.

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