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EA's Origin Hit By Account Hacking

By Leigh Cobb14-11-2012

It seems another round of hacking and account stealing has struck, this time Origin is the unlucky victim, with emails and passwords potentially being compromised for many people.

Apparently some users of EA's Origin have been getting emails informing them of successful changes to their account, changes they didn't ask for. It seems that compromised emails and matching passwords have allowed hackers to make the changes, unfortunately Origin does not state which changes were made in their emails, so users have been left wondering what exactly is amiss with their account, be it a password change or email change.

This is of course a big hassle for users trying to get their accounts back, fortunately no credit card details have been vulnerable at this time, as Origin does not store the 3 digit security codes. What is does display however, is the users home address. Eurogamer reports that EA is 'escalating' the matter and a lengthy NeoGaf thread goes into quite some detail on the topic.

Let's hope EA can sort this for the affected users soon, in the meantime - change your password! Some people have been left entirely locked out of their accounts, due to hackers changing their email AND password, being then forced to create a new dummy account simply to register a case with EA.

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