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Early Woofage System

By Bobfish04-09-2013

Ah, the dog, the infamous dog. TEH GREATEST INNOVASHUN IN GAMIN EVAH! Well, that and memory smashing vaginas (seriously, not enough memory for female character models? For shame Acti, for shame) anyway, Ghosts' dog aka the early warning system will act as...well, an early warning system. Ahh, I can see it now. Peta will be all over this, claiming the dog is a slave to the whims of the heartless institution of war which exists for the sole purpose of de-humanising animals and turning them into tools, mere posession, in the oppressive miliarchy of the Western world.

Or something.

They'll be making a big deal out of it anyway.

In the meantime, Raven (anyone remembers them?) Softwar'es creative director for Multiplayer stuff, Eric Biessman, had the following to say on the matter. Be warned, shameless se4lf agrandisement to follow.

"The dog is awesome."

Told you. Oh, wait, there's more.

"It just kind of exploded into its own life. Obviously there's some tongue-in-cheek stuff there, like the dog has a Twitter account, which I think is amazing. I think it's just unique and new enough that it was a talking point that sort of exploded. I'll be honest, in multiplayer – and single-player – I think the dog is great, it's just a cool new addition, it's fun and it's unique enough that it stands out. You can get the dog to kind of guard your back – he'll bark if there's an enemy nearby so it's like an early warning system."

In summation. The Call of Duty dog...will act like a fucking dog!

Video game news ladies and gentleman!

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That's a picture of Forest Whitaker from the movie Ghost Dog, before anyone wonders if I'm on crack.

You should already know that I am