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Early Sin

By Bobfish20-01-2014

The Divinity franchise is a bit all over the place. Not in a bad way, just that it has a lot of varied types of games marching under its banner. From RTS, to 3rd person action adventure to, the current talking point, the action RPG Original Sin. Having just made its way to the mighty Steam, via Early Access. That mean it isn't finished yet people, please do be aware of that before you start pissing and moaning if it still has some kinks in the system.

Of course, hitting the Steams also brings with it a new video. Promising more than 50 hours of RPG goodness, the ability to craft your own story, the threat of choices having consequences, about which I remain skeptical, but only because everyone and their dog promise4s that these days. Speaking of dogs actually, you can even talk to animals. Okay, now that has my attention. As does the trailer. Because let's face it, it looks like a damn fine SRPG.

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I'll play with you.

But not without dinner and flowers

Posts: 12

Well this just officially made the top of my wish list, now the only question is who else should i buy if for and force them to play coop with me? >:)

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Oooohhhh YEAH! And it has fekkin' online coop through the campaign too, where you have a cooperative dialogue system too! It's like Ultima, but in multiplayer! SO AWESOME! :D