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EA Settling Down with Star Wars 'till 2023

By CameronW21-11-2013

Star Wars is a universe that's had a lot of sweet games attached to it, even with LucasArts getting axed earlier this year and putting some pretty major projects on hold like Star Wars 1313. All is not lost in the land of Star Wars games though with EA's reveal of DICE's new Battlefront game due for 2015 and the announcing that other projects are in the works over at BioWare and Visceral back at E3. The bigger news? That's not even the end of their plans.  EA seems to have picked themselves up a 10 year exclusive contract with Disney to develop all the Star Wars we could ever want. (or not want in the case of Star Wars: Kinect)

"Yes, so I mean we've done movie games over the years and we wanted to make sure that we weren't doing a movie game i.e., game based on the movie, the beauty of the Star Wars franchise is that it's so broad and so deep, you don't have to do a movie game, you can do a game that's very focused on the world that's been created around Star Wars. We had a long relationship obviously with Lucas on the original Star Wars and when Disney took over Lucas, they really wanted to maintain a video game business around Star Wars. "

"They felt it was very valuable and a lot of people loved the games historically. And so they came to us because of our partnership and they knew that we could help them develop really great games and we struck what we believe is a fantastic deal which allows us to be able to build games in many different genres across multiple types of platforms over 10 years and we'll leverage the strength of the Disney marketing associated with the Star Wars properties both in movies and other things that they may do over the timeframe. We'll try to align those with that marketing, power the Disney has so it will get aligned with timing around the movies, but it won't necessarily be aligned with the movie."

I'm optimistic about the stuff that we could see from BioWare, Dice, and Visceral. Even with the numerous missteps that have been made with Star Wars games in the past.*cough, ToR, cough* Mass Effect where I can punch Jar Jar in the face? Obnoxious Dead Space-y Stormtrooper gore explosions? Destructible environments in Battlefront like in Battlefield? All of that at once? All of this is pure guessing based on previous work of course, but it doesn't make me any less excited thinking about it.

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Star Wars log incoming to a web browser near you!
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Don't you mean 1.3?

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Cant wait for Betafront III running on Betafrontlog 3.0