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EA Neglecting Darkspore?

By ember02-07-2013

Once again it seems that EA is showing their true colors. Darkspore, a title released back in 2011, has been plagued with many DRM errors, including the 73003 error. Inquisitor_Laine, a mod who allegedly has ties with the "right people", from the Darkspore forums claims that the errors are unfixed and will never be fixed. Another error, number 3 seems to have been fixed. But another forum goer, EA_Offspring, claims this:

"We found a problem on the back-end and fixed it Friday but someone here doesn't seem to want the information to be sent out."

Maxis has now responded, saying that issues are now a thing of the past. However, this was not before Valve made the decision to remove the game from Steam, with no indication when, or even if, it will return.

"We recently resolved an issue that was causing some players to not be able to connect to the game. If you any encounter any other issues, please contact help.ea.com for customer support. We will continue to support Darkspore, so feel free to continue to discuss the game here. Thanks – Maxis."

It's confusing to me as to whether or not EA doesn't want to continue with Darkspore or not. Darkspore is still available on the Origin service, despite being taken down from Steam. Also, the error 3 was fixed, yet apparently no one was notified of it. So yes, EA could be slowly trying to walk away from Darkspore but then again they could have just as well offed the game. It's not like Darkspore was a AAA title.

What do you think? Is EA trying to kill off Darkspore?

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