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EA Hate Spreads to South Asia

By breadbitten08-07-2013

It's a pandemic, people!

In a recent move to clamp down on people abusing EA's lower prices on games in India via VPNs, the company's raised prices for upcoming anticipated titles such as Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed Rivals through its Origin distribution platform. Indian gamers who were used to paying Rs.999 (roughly $17) now have to pay Rs.3499 (close to $60) for any future EA games. This move, of course, has sparked a wave of Twitter protests from gamers in India.

Personally, I'm surprised at the really low prices Indian gamers were used to paying, and is starting to make me wonder whether the industry standard $60 is really as fair an amount as publishers would like us to believe. Sound off.

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Well done EA. Well done.

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Well that was clever of them