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EA Gets Pwned

By Bobfish29-03-2013

No, this isn't another shameless EA hatefest. In fact, this is something positive for a change. A new Command and Conquer game is on the way, utilising the Frostbite 2 and opting for a free to play model. The video above, part of EA's Pwned series, is a short interview, over the top of some Alpha footage that already looks very purdy. It details some of the changes coming to the latest instalment, which includes the return of Generals that will allow a much broader style of play based on individual bonuses and such. Of course, this is still EA, who are known from promising things they don't deliver, but I remain optimistic. I mean, it's CnC, how can you go wrong? Now, as our PixelGeneral (see what I did there?) your mission is to infiltrate the comments section, below, and blow your mind wide open!

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Posts: 3290

Yeah, I found that a bit odd too. But they said Frostbite 2 *shrug* maybe they're aiming for a lower system draw because it's going down the F2P model?

Posts: 596

Frostbite 2? Won't it be the Frostbite 3 like the other EA games from BioWare...?