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EA Down And Up, Premium Helps

By MrJenssen08-05-2013

Finance time! All you sane people who only care about the games, and don't give a damn about EA and the money running it all, can look away now.

According to its recent financial report, EA have been doing slightly less well as an enormous global traded company that sometimes meddles in making videogames, compared to last year. Reading into the report, EA earned a respectable $1.2 billion during Q4 2012/2013 of their fiscal calendar (December 31st 2012 to March 31st 2013). Comparing that to last year, they're down around $160 million, from $1.368 billion.

As you lazy readers who can't be bothered going further down the report will also notice, Battlefield 3 Premium, FIFA 13 and SimCity were and are all heavy-hitters for EA. BF3 Premium has generated over $120 million in revenue from its now 3.5 million userbase. FIFA 13 sold over 14.5 million copies in total during fiscal 2012/2013, and SimCity sold over 1.6 million copies in just two months. 50% of those were digital purchases. In fact, EA have seen a global up financially.

Furthermore, the report mentions mobile games, and how EA is apparently doing very well with those. This last quarter alone, they earned a cool $104 million from mobile games. A nice little 21% increase from last year. Origin now has 47 million registered users, which includes 20 million mobile users. Wait, you can get Origin on mobile?

Overall, EA are down compared to last year, with a good $400 million less in generated revenue. 2011/2012 earned EA some $4.143 billion in revenue, while this last year "only" brought $3.797 billion into circulation around the EA offices.

In order to keep up, I suggest that Battlefield 4 will come with a Premium scheme as well as microtransactions. Won't that be great? Guys? G...

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For these bigass corporations, it's not about laying off people to save the business. It's about laying off people to maximize profits.

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This only has me ever more confused why they've shut down so many studios and had so many lay-offs. What the hell is going on over there?