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EA Closes Montreal Studio

By Leigh Cobb12-04-2013

News has arrived that a series of layoffs has happened over at EA, with jobs lost following the recent closure of EA Mobile Montreal. Although at this time, EA is not commenting on which specific development teams are impacted, nor are they giving any figures as to the people affected.

A statement by EA reads:

"EA is sharpening its focus to provide games for new platforms and mobile. In some cases, this involves reducing team sizes as we evolve into a more efficient organization. These are difficult decisions to let go of good people who have made important contributions to EA, and whenever possible we retrain or relocate employees to new roles. Streamlining our operations will help ensure EA is bringing the best next-generation games to players around the world."

All that talk of sharpening focus and moving to more efficient organisation? Yeah that's just a nice way of saying a whole bunch of people are getting fired. Since EA's ex-CEO, John Riccitiello resigned last month, a shakeup at EA was to be expected. Poor recent financial results and controversy over the SimCity launch, as well as being named the worst company in America for the second year running, have added up to quite a rough time recently for this game publisher.

We'll update you if we find out some figures and more details about the job losses, but for now it is estimating that up to 70 permanent employees may have been let go, as well as over 100 QA testers.

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Oh how the mighty have fallen

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What did EA Mobile Montreal make? I can't find them on Wiki or Google, only find EA Montreal.