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E3: Welcome Back General

By NeonAnderson10-06-2013

It has been a while but it is time to take out your General's uniform once more and rule the battlefields of Command and Conquer. This time around at E3, EA has revealed some in-game footage of the upcoming CnC.

This one will be based around the gameplay and themes introduced in Command and Conquer Generals and Zero Hour and is promising to push the limits in terms of variety. Through unique units and tactics from a large variety of Generals that will be available within the game. Only negative at the moment is that it seems to continue the fantasy and comedic visual style of Red Alert 3, which is quite the different visual approach than Generals used in the past two CnC Generals titles.

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Posts: 228

EA is dead set to make every CnC game campy and stupid. Probably to make more accessible to the unwashed masses.

Also, "more strategy" and "more control" probably means jack shit, especially with a simple rock-paper-scissors balance and no morale nor cover systems.

Posts: 124

Is this the same as the Free-to-play one?