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E3: TitanFall Trailer (Updated)

By NeonAnderson10-06-2013

TitanFall has finally been revealed to the eyes of the eagerly awaiting public, previously rumoured to have been for Xbox 360, Xbox One and the PC while running on Source engine. We now finally have seen the title in action and while few actual details have yet been revealed, we can probably safely say it is not running on the Source engine. It has already been told to be only for Xbox One...sadly...

This is a real bummer though as you can see from the gameplay video above, the title looks very promising and would be a must buy for myself had it been on PC.

Update: Good news, it has now been confirmed that TitanFall will be for PC and Xbox 360 as well as for the Xbox One, this also means that the actual engine still remains a mystery though.

The title will be released sometime in Spring 2014 with the exact release dates to be announced at a later date.

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Posts: 228

It's like Blacklight AND Mechwarrior. Awesome!

Posts: 237

... and this is on the Source! :O

Posts: 124

Troy Baker...mmm.