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E3: Thief's 15 Minutes Of Fame

By MrJenssen14-06-2013

Thief 4 - Oh, I'm sorry, I meant "Thief" - is a game that's been getting a bit of controversy surrounding it. Although developer Eidos Montreal have tried to reassure old-school fans of the thieving Garrett that it will indeed be possible to play the game without all the helping features shown off so far.

This gameplay demo from E3, courtesy of Gamespot, finally gives us some clues as to what the game will end up looking - and playing - like when it releases sometime in 2014. Though the demo is brief, it still touches upon some of the stealth mechanics, the optional routes and approaches to different situations and so on.

Though the gameplay shown so far for Thief (4) looks intriguing, there's perhaps a little too much Dishonored here, and not enough Thief. There's nothing wrong with taking inspiration from others. Dishonored certainly is a great game, and I'm sure most people would agree that getting more games similar to it isn't a bad thing. Yes, the water arrow and blackjack are present, but the art style and the gameplay mechanics might be off-putting to some. Let's hope Eidos Montreal pull it off right, and create a unique and immersive experience for Thief, worthy of the franchise's legacy. Until then, enjoy the 15 minutes gameplay demo.

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