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E3: The Witcher 3 Gameplay Revealed

By Kelevandos10-06-2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, fresh from E3, we present you the first ever gameplay trailer of The Witcher 3! Have a look at the astonishing landscapes, previously only shown in screenshots. The vast steppes, stormy isles of Skellige, finally the magnificent city of Novigrad – all there and in full glory, ready to greet Geralt with steel and claw. If you weren't sure whether Witcher 3 is worth waiting for, this trailer will leave you with little doubt!

Called "a crowning achievement of the RPG genre", the game will be out for PC and all the next gen consoles at an, as yet, unannounced date. However, the advanced state of the gameplay shown rise up hopes for something around the beginning of 2014. Anyways, one thing is certain already – it will be an experience not easily forgotten!

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Aw yeah, Witcher III! Your video card is on his "to-do" list!

Posts: 237

I need a whole now PC... :D

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Fucking hell. Yeah, I need that new graphics card...

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I seriously have to push the previous two games forward on my to-do list