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E3: The rest of Microsoft

During the Microsoft press conference there were few more games either shown or teased. Even though it was an Xbox even, these following games are still going to show their faces on PC. Let’s see the culprits.

Project Spark

Project Spark may already be out in open beta form, but nonetheless it got another trailer at this year's e3.

The heart of the game is actually surprisingly simple and has been done before in games like Little Big Planet and The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, where players can play games that other gamers have made and shared with the online community. The difference is in scale. Where Mighty Quest and Little Big Planet limit the player to creating stages, Project Spark can create custom 3d environments, board games, sport games, and everything in between from what it looks like in the trailers.



Well, colour me intrigued. I think, by now, it’s safe to say that the sidescrolling platformer puzzling genre is in a full blown renaissance. Games such as the spectacular LIMBO and the less impressive, but still visually striking Deadlight. And now Inside. Which is clearly well on its way to standing shoulder to shoulder with the best of them. An intriguing visual style, a notable emphasis on verticality, however limited, and even some stealthing. The title, it seems, alludes to something literally within, as the closing sees our young protagonist, along with a number of adults, pressing their faces against the glass of a large, apparently circular, room. Which leaves us all wondering then, what is inside?

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Le sigh. You went full retard. NEVER go full retard. Because the recent Tomb Raider reboot didn’t go over the top enough as it is, now Square have decided that Lara needs therapy. We see her sitting, looking suitably dark and melancholy, with her face hooded whilst her therapist spews some convincing sounding pseudo-philosophical bullshit that culminates in, you guessed it, her unmasking at the end as the person she’s supposed to be. Okay, I’ll grant you, after the events of the first game, it makes perfect sense that she’d have a few unresolved issues, but as someone who has actually gone through therapy during my life. This is fucking insulting. Looks alright other than that, but we don’t have any gameplay as such, so who knows? At least her face wasn't re-typologised.



Evolve has been putting on a pretty big show at Microsoft's E3 show. Not only did they show the trailer above, but they also showed off how bad video game journalists can be at playing games.

The 4v1 game where four players team up to take down a monster while one player takes control of a hulking monster to crush them like the little humans they are finally has a release date though! It's set for October 14th of this year.

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Maybe I was a tiny bit hard on Tomb Raider. But...PTSD as a plot device. Sorry, just no