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E3: The Division

By BloodyFanGirl11-06-2013

A new open-world action RPG was revealed at Ubisoft's E3 conference and it's called The Division. The game is set in a dystopic future where society has broken down due to a bioterror attack. Check out the high concept trailer above for more on the plot. The trailer features a detailed day by day break down of societies, well, breakdown. Added to this mix are sleeper cells, cover agents and shadow agencies, oh my, so Tom Clancyish!

A gameplay trailer was also released featuring augmented reality map overlays not entirely unlike what we've seen in Ubisoft's other game Watch Dogs. This trailer also reveals the game's multi player aspect, player chatter present throughout and a PvP fight is seen to be initiated at the end.

Oddly, whilst the game will be coming to consoles, there was no word about whether this game would be coming to PC. Here's hoping it will as it looks great (and far more affordable than the 430 quid Xbox One).

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Posts: 1548

No no, just not F2P please! I'll buy it, I promise!

Posts: 1317

Seeing as MMOs, F2P model games, micro-transactions and such have proven quite lucrative on the PC, it's only natural to expect the console manufacturers to open up for these models with future consoles.

Posts: 341

Yes, because an MMO, heavily scripted even, is gonna work well on a console... right.

Heck the voice acting is scripted extreme edition.
Megan says: "I got the flares ready" or something, guy Bronson? says: Ill get the door! but shes already opened it wtf man.

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God damn i'm bored of New York. Jesus.


"Hey, guys, everybody says that making games where some country attacks the USA is stupid and jingoistic"
"Hmm, maybe so. Oh, I know what we'll do!"
"Make a game that's set AFTER an attack on the USA".

And thus Division AND Call of Duty Ghosts were born.

Posts: 240

My, my, I like the look of that.

Posts: 237

Damn it... be on PC! Please!

Posts: 3290

Yeah, I'm still just as dubious about Ubi's claim of the PC as the lead platform. Gotta' see them prove it first

Posts: 1548

Please, PC, please, please, please!

Posts: 3290

Damnit Ubi! Are you trying to bankrupt me?!