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E3: Takedown

By MrJenssen17-06-2013

Not all the games shown at E3 got a lot of media attention. Serellan's realistic tactical shooter Takedown: Red Sabre is one of those. Serellan had their own little corner, where they could show off a playable version of an early build of the former Kickstarter project Takedown. In the video embedded above, there's some cam footage that shows some gameplay and an interview with Chris Allen and a few other guys, going over some of the goals of the project, the stuff that's currently in the build, what's expected for the future, and so on.

Those who have heard of this project, likely know that Chris Allen worked on Ghost Recon 2 and numerous other games during his career, and Takedown is supposed to be a sort of spiritual successor to one of his favorite franchises - the early Rainbow Six games. The developer's goal is to make a brutally difficult, realistic tactical shooter where players need to work as a team to clear various CQB scenarios, rescue hostages, defuse bombs and so on. A lot of the same stuff you'd find in Red Storm Entertainment's games of the late 90s and early 2000s, in other words. It's a niche of gaming that isn't satisfied very often nowadays, as most "tactical" shooters tend to not be all that tactical when all is said and done. Slow, methodical and meticulous play is encouraged and rewarded in Takedown, reckless run-n-gun tactics are generally bad for business. Anyone who has experienced life as a human being should be familiar with the concept. And that's what games like Takedown try to capture.

Unless you get motion sickness easily, this slightly wobbly video is definitely recommended, as it gives some inside details on the upcoming game, and even a little bit of gameplay. The latest update for the Kickstarter project has some more info, and some fancy images. Actual full-resolution gameplay footage is expected "as soon as possible".


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