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E3: Square Enix Conference 2015

By ElderCub17-06-2015

Starting off the show, we saw the all new Just Cause 3 and a whole lot of chaos, why? Just cause. Filled with explosions, wingsuits and catastrophic structural failure, we were introduced to Phil Rogers, CEO of Square Enix Americas and Europe, and Roland Lesterlin, Game Director at Avalanche Studios to further shown more about the next Just Cause.

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 aims to set a benchmark in terms of action, and to do that, we’ve been dropped in Medici where the tyrant General Di Ravello has sunken his claws deep into the island’s heart. While polishing the vast features of the past games, we also see improvement. Utilities like the (comically small) wingsuit have been added to round out Rico’s aerial abilities as well as some fine tuning to the parachute now allowing for 2 handed weapons. The Grappling Hook has been upgraded to not only tether multiple targets, but adjust the tension on them as well. The Grappling Hook will also allow you to take down existing structures by tethering objects together and increasing the tension manually. And like a magical bag of holding, infinite C4 and grenades because why not just cause. The map will be more than 400 square miles, a larger map than that of Panau, Just Cause 2’s map. The game will be launching everywhere on December 1st this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Our gameplay trailer starts off with reversing a car out the back of a cargo plane mid-flight and launching it directly into a satellite tower. While I’d imagine there are better ways to accomplish such destruction, in the end it’s quite effective. Destructible environments will be prominent in the world, showing plenty of building being strewn about like concrete gibbings, and a massive bridge collapsing to support the case. Basically, your goal again is to take down a country’s dictator. The dictator in particular is known as Di Ravello and is nothing short of a monster. Seizing your mother’s homeland, Rico Rodriguez must again liberate the island from its oppressive leader. Using Medici as his base of operations, Di ultimately sees world domination in his future by leading his powerful military. Using the terrain and equipment supplied, it’s your job to make sure that never happens, and to bring Medici back to its peaceful roots. You’ll be doing plenty of tear downs, be it statues of Di Ravello, the liberation of towns, or Di’s very own bases. Of course you’ll be doing it in style. Vehicles come mechanically complex and in high variety, from jets, to monster trucks, to sports cars.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider was shown off, but had also been presented at Microsoft’s conference, for information on that, check out our article on Microsoft’s conference. Otherwise, we saw a short glimpse at Lara Croft GO, a smart phone and tablet game based around set paths and small puzzles as its main pull. Combat is turn based and if you’ve seen Hitman GO, you’re probably looking at the same game style.


Just like our raider of tombs, our 47th agent has been briefly shown off at Sony’s conference. And again like Tomb Raider, we got a peek at a second game for the franchise. Hitman Sniper is really only mentioned briefly, and shows gameplay of nothing but sniping targets.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Eidos brought us a great treat today, and nothing from them could be sweeter than a new Deus Ex. On stage was Head of Eidos-Montreal, David Anfossi, and Mary DeMarle, Executive Narrative Director of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Along with bringing back Human Revolution’s old team, we’re introduced to the Dawn engine, Mankind Divided’s new powerhouse. Mankind Divided will take place in 2029, only a couple years after the previous game. Where augmented persons, “Augs”, live in ghetto like conditions and a persecuted as terrorists under the watchful eye of the ever present police force. Adam Jensen has left Seraph Industries and joined Interpol’s Taskforce 29 under false pretences. In reality he’s aided by a group of hackers outside of Taskforce 29 to seek out the Illuminati, those who he believe created the group to do their dirty work. With the addition of even more augmentations, Jensen will truly be a force to be reckoned with. Gameplay will not only change with what choices you make, but will change the outcome of the game as well.

And for the first time, we see gameplay. It’s impactful how this game has been built. “The augmented are suffering a genocide, it begins with demonizing us, treating us less than human. Exiling us so we are forgotten, and then exterminating us!” And just as it’s said, police forces are dispatched and effectively remove augmented persons from the world, one by one. Gunplay shown is fast paced and varied, I anticipate that no fight will be fought through the same way twice. Jensen also appear to have a new function acting as a very dense and polygonal armor ability. Views of the city appear dystopian and aggressively cyberpunk, equally beautiful fitting the tone and emotion driving the trailer. Ending the trailer was a well built, heavily augmented potential antagonist and a small conversation. “I can only fight enemies I see” said by Jensen, and by someone else “Then isn’t it time you brought them into the light?”

Throughout the show we’ve also seen bits of games barely mentioned and other games not coming to PC. Triad Wars had a very short clip of combat and driving. As well as some of the same from Final Fantasy XV. Final Fantasy XIV Online: Heaven Sword (possibly Heaven’s Word?) offered a small cinematic of fiery dragon fighting. Final Fantasy VII will be making a return as an HD remake on PS4. World of Final Fantasy was also presented for PS4 and Vita as a cute side game. Kingdom Hearts 3 was given gameplay as well as Kingdom Hearts X Unchained for phones. Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below was given a trailer depicting fields of enemies and possibly Dynasty Warrior like gameplay. Life is Strange makes its return depicting an almost normal teenage life, like sleeping on a desk or...blowing up locked doors. Closing up we had a short chat about the next NieR. It’s on its way but is very early, no official news on even a name. Just that it’s happening. Star Ocean comes to us with new gameplay with a heavy focus on seamlessness.

So that was Square Enix for 2015. Let us know how you feel, because next up is PC’s conference. The biggest show of all, just for us.

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It's not even necessarily related to PC gaming, but I am beyond thrilled that Nier is getting a new game, not to mention incredibly surprised. Good to see that Platinum is taking the reigns of gamplay away from Cavia, as Cavia's always had interesting storytelling but awful "game" portions to go with them.