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E3: Spark Your Imagination

By MrJenssen10-06-2013

Though a lot of games shown at Microsoft's E3 conference were no-brainers, there were some surprises as well. Microsoft's Project Spark is one of the latter. At first glance it may look like a sort of God-game, but as you watch more of the presentation, it looks more like a sort of fantasy adventure editor. Players are able to shape their game worlds, build structures, spawn in various creatures and create scenarios of their own. Similar to Little Big Planet, you'll be able to upload your scenarios to the mighty cloud for others to try out, or download the ones made by others in the community, if you're feeling uncreative.

It certainly looks good, but it's easy to get carried away without thinking critically. Some things look a bit too good to be true. The Kinect integration shown at the beginning looks awfully staged, and there's also a few other clues you'll see that don't quite make it feel like it's all just actually happening. It's almost as if you'd expect Peter Molyneux to come running out from behind the stage at any moment during the presentation.

Whether Project Spark turns out to be as cool as it sounds and looks, or just a gimmicky PR-stunt to sell more of Microsoft's SmartGlass and other overpriced gizmos - one thing we can know for sure, is that the game will be released on Xbox One and PC sometime in the future. Just remember that you'll have to upgrade to Windows 8 if you actually want to play it on the PC.

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