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E3: Shadow Warrior - Now With 62.5% More Magic

By NeonAnderson14-06-2013

Yes, you hear me right! The new Shadow Warrior game that is inspired by the underrated 1997 original that was created by 3D Realms will now be featuring magic! Flying Wild Hog is behind this new Shadow Warrior title, they are best known for Hard Reset, and have finally revealed some details about their new Shadow Warrior title.

I will start with the bad news, it seems Flying Wild Hog is scared of some of the bad press and controversy that surrounded the original Shadow Warrior, as such the racial remarks, jokes and all that other controversial stuff will not be making a return in the new Shadow Warrior (so basically, half the fun will be gone). That being said, hopefully they can redeem themselves through gameplay and a good story.

In terms of gameplay it has been revealed that it will be a single-player only game, just like Hard Reset and will not feature any multiplayer. Though they have a good reason for this. Flying Wild Hogs and Devolver stated that they prefer to not have any multiplayer at all, instead of a "half-assed" multiplayer. This is very reasonable and a good move on their behalf.

Beyond this the game will feature the Katana again, but instead of how it was in the 1997 original, the game truly can be completed with just using the Katana. In addition to this, the game will now feature magical powers that the player can conjure up. This will also be explained in the story as Lo Wang will apparently encounter a masked spirit that gives him magical powers with which he can use spells with his Katana or with his hands, depending on the spell in use.

The game won't forget its roots though and will have Easter Eggs and jokes linking back to the original Shadow Warrior. And while they are cutting out all the controversy it should still bear some forms of similarity to the original game. At least that is what Flying Wild Hog is claiming at this point.

So yeah, check out the screenshot gallery below and the kick-ass gameplay above.

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Doesn't look like the most technologically proficient game ever, exactly. But it could be a lot of fun. Let's hope they nail the humor, and that they don't forget that the gameplay also needs to be good (and varied), since humor alone can't carry an entire game.