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E3: Rome II Wows at E3

By Mokman12-06-2013

Creative Assembly have a massive, massive undertaking on-going right now, and at this point it seems that they're not only going to pull through, but also pull through with flying colours - if what we have seen at E3 is any indication. We've previously covered the Egyptian aspects of Total War: Rome II, but Creative Assembly seems intent on showering us with more and more excitement. Swinging onto the scene with a one-two combination of incredible cinematic trailers coupled with actual gameplay facets and news, jaw-dropping visuals and exciting historical battles, Creative Assembly has managed to once again wow the crowd with Total War: Rome II.

Showcasing the famous Battle of the Nile, Creative Assembly gives a short lecture on history on their blog, coupled with some amazing screenshots that simply leave the mouth watering. Following which, concept art is shown in their full glory, released on Sega's Total War Flickr album.

Excited yet? I know I am.

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Fantastic... can't wait to own this!