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E3: Prepare To (Not Really) Be Scared By a New Trailer

By MrJenssen11-06-2014

The Alien franchise hasn't been treated very well through the video game format for a long time. Remember Aliens: Colonial Marines? Yeah, I'm trying to forget that one too. Sorry for reminding you of it again.

Luckily, Alien: Isolation looks to take the source material a little more seriously. Developer Creative Assembly seem to want to go back to the franchise's roots. Back to its Ridley Scott roots, anno 1979. Clearly inspired by games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Alien: Isolation puts you in the role of a vulnerable human being, completely devoid of super powers and advanced weaponry. You're Ripley's daughter, who has taken it upon her to search for her mother who has been gone for years. But then there's the alien. Yada yada, you know all that stuff.

So what does E3 do to show us more about the game? Well, not that much. Apparently, the game has some playable content for visitors at E3, but so far we've only got this petty little trailer to show you. It doesn't show much - apart from the fact that Creative Assembly seem to know how to model NPC humans better than Frictional Games. Ah well, I suppose less sometimes can be more. This is a horror game, after all.

We'll let you know if we happen by any actual gameplay. In the meantime, you can check out the video interview Escapist News got with Al Hope from CA at E3, describing the game and dropping a load of mandatory buzz words while at it. We've embedded it for you below. Alien: Isolation will be out on October 7 this year, barring any unforeseen events. You know, like an alien infiltrating the developer's offices and impregnating them one by one.

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