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E3: Postal 2: Paradise Lost Expansion

By NAG3LT16-06-2014

The last year was a good time to go Postal again, with the massive update for the 11-year-old game. However, that update is not the only thing to keep Postal 2 in the spotlight anymore. Running With Scissors have announced a new expansion for the game at E3 – Paradise Lost. Quite conveniently, the action will take place 11 years after the ending of the previous Apocalypse Weekend expansion. Judging by the announcement trailer, we will see the good old city of Paradise with the scars of events that happened in the meantime. There are also new human, undead and demonic enemies to fight against. The expansion should be available in the Fall of this year.

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I dont see any new enemies other than Garry Coleman riding a gimp, pretty much all of the other ones are from the Apocalypse Weekend expansion pack. From what I know, it will take 10 years after the events of Postal 2, after the nuke goes off on Saturday, and the people of Paradise think they are the only ones left on Earth. Judging by a comment they responded to, it will also follow Postal 2's format of "5 days with tasks in each one"