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E3: Plants vs. Valve

By MrJenssen11-06-2013

In what can almost seem like an April fool's joke - or a self-parody of DICE/EA, or a quick cash-in on TF2's fame... Or just a very clever combination of three completely different games - our former story about Plants vs. Zombies spin-off – Garden Warfare, seems to have been proven as true as it could get. Except one thing, it is a third person shooter, not first, set in the PvZ universe. Yes it uses Battlefield 3's Frostbite 2 engine, and yes it is clearly "in the vein of Team Fortress 2".

Check out the trailer above for yourself, if you're interested in how this mash-up looks. So now, the question remains. Do we want this? Will it be equally as addictive as the original PopCap plant defense game? Will it be able to rival Team Fortress 2's tongue-in-cheek humor and gameplay? Or will it be an abomination that'll make the Frankenstein monster look like a beauty queen in comparison?

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Plants vs. TF2.

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I thought it was called vs Zombies but okay.