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E3: Outlast vs. Machines...or Pigs?

By Toast15-06-2013

The above IGN video shows off another 10 minute Outlast gameplay commentary with the co-founder Phillipe Morin, courtesy of IGN. It seems that Red Barrels is taking on Thechineseroom's Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs for the top Horror title of 2013 on PC.  Unfortunately, the latest Amnesia title has suffered a few delays the latest being this summer.

All we know for the moment right now is that both titles will be supposedly coming out at some point this year. Hopefully Outlast, and especially Amnesia won't be getting any further delayed treatment this year, otherwise the battle will be outlasting 2013, and commence in 2014 instead. We all want to see both these horror titles hit 2013, right?

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We just want to see them *puts on sunglasses* out at last