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E3: Oculus Rift Gets 1080p Display

By NAG3LT12-06-2013

First Oculus Rift developer kits have been shipping with 1280x800 resolution phone displays, leading to 640x800 resolution per eye in 3D. The use of phone screens allows OR to have a relatively low price for VR system and allows to improve the device based on technology from the R&D in a growing smartphone market. Oculus Rift devices shown at E3 have received a resolution bump to 1920x1080 phone screens. That means 960x1080 resolution per eye in 3D, 2x pixel amount increase compared to first OR devkits. The improved resolutions helps the immersion when playing games and watching 3D films. There are no compatibility problems in the games as the SDK supported the scalable resolutions from the start. The company did not say when new devkits will be available for developers, but consumer version will most likely use 1080p display.


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Yeah this is looking great, I really want this thing now.

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Wooo hooo! Now I REALLY want this!!!!!