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E3: Nvidia Promotes PC

By NAG3LT17-06-2013

As Nvidia has little money to gain from the new console generation and claims that it wasn't interested in it, the company directs its marketing on PC. During the presentation, Tony Tamasi, Senior VP of content and technology told the press that "the PC is the most powerful gaming platform out there." Nvidia's charts were showing PC as platform of choice of half of the game developers out there, as well as the faster growth of game software revenue on PC compared to consoles, with the trend to reach 20 billion USD in 2015. Another slide showed the reduced gap between consoles and PC, with GTX Titan having 2.5x more floating point performance than PS4. Such words of dedication to the PC as a platform are welcome from Nvidia, but it would also be nice to get better prices on graphics cards with more VRAM sooner than later.


E3  Nvidia 
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