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E3: [Not] Dead Rising 3 Revealed

By breadbitten10-06-2013

So Dead Rising 3 just got shown at Microsoft's E3 presser...thoughts?

"It looks a smidge too serious", you say?

"It got more explosions than Dead Risings 1&2 combined", you say?

"It didn't look much like Dead Rising", you say?

Yeah well, what can you do about it? The third game in the enjoyable-but-flawed Capcom series will be more of an open-world game than before, set in the fictional city of Los Perdidos, California. Players will be cast as Nick Ramos as he attempts to survive a massive zombie outbreak. The game was announced as an Xbox One exclusive but I have a gut feeling that publisher Capcom may eventually buckle to the pressure of making more money and later announce it as being more of a timed exclusive, making the game slowly shamble over to the PlayStation 4 and the PC like some sort of...undead creature.


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Posts: 341

Its not dead rising 3? Then why did they show a big fat banner saying it was lol.

Posts: 3290

Urgh, zombies, but...why am I still interested?!?