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E3: No Man's Sky Interview and Footage

By zethalee13-06-2014

Describing his game as a "sci-fi" game, Hello Games founder Sean Murray, in an interview with the PlayStation blog, said that while people will want to focus on the "procedural generation" and "infinite universe" and other words that sound good in a sound bite, it is, at its core, a game about exploration and immersing yourself in a science fiction universe. He also said that it is entirely possible to find something entirely unique that he himself wouldn't have thought of, whether that's through content generation, or ambient events. In reference to those events, he said that, by doing things, whether that's attacking freighters or finding new worlds, or generally just playing the game, that the player would be rewarded, but these things wouldn't be tracked in a quest log, nor would you be able to actively seek them out, that they should and will pop up naturally. Seeming to be the next big indie darling, it does look like many fantastical worlds will be generated along the way, so I, at the very least, will be enjoying it when a playable version surfaces.

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