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E3: MS Press Conference - the Oddities and the Possibilities

By breadbitten11-06-2013

So, the Microsoft conference, that...happened. A lot of glitz and decent looking software but still nothing on the facts that matter (for us), but whatever, there were some interesting announcements made that could affect the PC to some degree and some games that might potentially cross over to the most venerable of all platforms, so without further ado...

World of Tanks Announced for Xbox 360

The free-to-play game from Wargaming is making its way to the Xbox 360 with redesigned controls that were made to accommodate the 360 gamepad. One might speculate if this means that the PC version may be subjected to some changes of its own; controller support, cross-platform play, the mind races!

Minecraft Coming to Xbox One

The world building sensation already saw release on the Xbox 360 some time ago, albeit at a rather limited scope, and the Xbox One version is supposed to contain "bigger maps", "a bigger world" and anything else that can be made bigger [snigger].

Quantum Break Shown

Remedy's upcoming sci-fi TV-show/videogame mash up is looking pretty interesting from the footage shown. It's rather ambitious plans at synergizing the game with a planned TV show may not sound that much different from what Defiance is doing, but that particular game was a co-operative online multiplayer shooter; given Remedy's penchant for story-driven single player games it's debatable if Quantum Break will be a fully multiplayer affair or a single player game with a multiplayer component or...ohh my head hurts already! Also, it's quite possible that the game may eventually find its way to the PC if Remedy's previous statement that they're going to focus on the PC for any of their future projects is to be believed.

Gameplay for Crytek's Ryse Revealed

The first ever gameplay footage for Crytek's ancient Roman murder 'em up, Ryse, was finally unveiled. Things seemed quite different to the gesture-based Kinect game for the 360 it was originally planned to be. The gameplay shown fell more in line with any modern action/adventure game (think of Assassin's Creed or the Arkham games without the exploration-ey bits) with heavy emphasis on quick-time events. The change leads us to believe that there is a slim chance of the game seeing a PC release, given Crytek's hardware-pushing attitude with their games, the lack of Kinect-ness and the fact that Microsoft can only benefit from it.

There were more, but the chances are quite slim to see the next Halo X (or is it XX already?) on our beloved platform. Same goes for Killer Instinct and some other tiles. There were some cool features introduced, such as friend game progress tracking, but with the intensive development efforts Microsoft is putting into Game for Windows Live we are probably better off with letting the thing die in peace.

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