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E3: Meet the 4E

By Bobfish11-06-2013

Move over Third Echelon, here's a new game in town. This is the Blacklist, revealing solid plot details, finally. It seems my speculations were way off, so it's a good thing I didn't write them down to make a fool of myself. See, I though the titular Blacklist was some kind of, well, list. A list Sam and Isaac would be working their way through. Rather, it's the name of a 'terrorist' organization calling for the removal of soldiers from 153 countries worldwide.

So, I was half right. It is still an active list of sorts, just not quite what I was expecting. Which is not at all unexpected. This is a Tom Clancy story after all. The one thing we know about him is to expect the unexpected, then still get things we never could have expected despite our expectations. A lot of people may still be past the point where they're willing to give Splinter Cell any more of their time. But those of us still here look to be in for the ride of our lives.

Comment below. Or the Blacklist will get you.

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The only thing that's bothering me is how much Isaac, still, feels like 'that token black guy'