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E3: Max...imum Surprise

By Bobfish11-06-2013

Just going to say this right now. I called it, I so called it. Anyone remember this little image from Avalanche? I so called it. Mad Max is in the house. Still not showing us a great deal, but the important part is, I was right.

On a serious note, the short, apparently fully pre-rendered, video shows a lot of details for those astute enough to know what to look for. Namely, those familiar with the Max series. The car he's driving is akin to the Mad Max/Road Warrior V8 behemoth, though significantly more beat up and rusted. Since the car was always shown in a relatively pristine condition in the films until it was totalled part way through the second, that makes it a dead cert this will be set after them. A statement from Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President, Production & Development, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, doesn't clear it up all that much either.

"Mad Max places gamers directly into the driver's seat of their ultimate customized vehicle to battle it out in the action-packed, open world of The Wasteland.We are very pleased to work with Avalanche Studios to provide a next generation gaming experience with  robust fighting paired with dynamic vehicular combat."

But as Max was without a vehicle of his own for the whole of Beyond Thunderdome, it's also highly likely this isn't set during that time period either. Meaning one of two things, this is either set after all three, or at some point between the second and third. The shortness of Max's hair, with the beginnings of a ponytail, lead me to believe the latter is the more likely. There's nothing to say he couldn't have recovered his Interceptor and fixed it up enough to get it running again after all. What we can confirm is that the game will be available some time in 2014 across all of the current major platforms except the Wii-U, as well as the two new consoles and our beloved PC and will be a third person, open world action game. Leave your thoughts below.

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Translation, will you be able to visit your own house?


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But will it be set where it is meant to be set?