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E3: It's Moebius All Over Again

By Bobfish12-06-2013

"History is a series of repeating patterns."

And this is Moebius. A new, cel shaded game from the mind behind Gabriel Knight and Grey Matter. The now completed (and fully funded) Kickstarter says nothing about being related to the cult 1985 game of the same name, but you never know. What we do know is this will be the first of two good, old fashioned, story driven adventure games. The second likely to be a continuation or sequel to Moebius if you ask me. But, again, that remains uncertain. Misses Jensen (no relation to our gloriously acerbic MrJenssen) sure seems to like her ambiguity. Which is a good thing in a mystery writer. Keep an eye on this one chaps. It shows a lot of potential indeed.

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