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It's Dangerous to Geralt Alone, Take This (Updated)

By Kelevandos12-06-2013

Some time ago, we speculated a bit on the fact of little hype surrounding The Witcher 3 release, guessing it must be caused with the boys at CDP RED working too hard to have time for PR. This proved partially true, with the tsunamiesque flow of info since the start of E3. We got to see the gameplay and were served a little easter egg, but the fun does not end there! Surely, many of you have been waiting for this announcement, so here it is – Witcher 3 will support the utilization of the previous game's saves!

This will probably be the same as between the first and second Witcher, though the exact effects an uploaded saved game could have on the gameplay remain unknown yet. My main bet is the standard appearance of the NPCs we decided not to slaughter, as well as the possible echo which Witcher 2's ending(s) could have on the world. I am sure this will get clarified along the way towards the release, but you better start digging for the cleared game saves right away, or even better – create some new ones!

Update: CEO Marcin Iwinski has also now given some even better news. Geralt might just be a Terminator.

“We are not killing the world and walking away from it. But we will definitely want to make this game the finale in a big way. We might even include Geralt in later games potentially.”

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lol wut?

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"Witcher 3 is f*ing awesome, kiss my ballz"

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Oh man, that's awesome. Yet more reason for me to, y'know, actually play the games.


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