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E3: Interview of the Fallen

By drcoolio34516-06-2014

"The demons are back" it seems in Lords of the Fallen, and it's up to you, the most sinful of all the sinners, Harkyn, to do what the rest of those pansy loser humans are too afraid to do. You're basically medieval Doomguy.

According to the interview at E3, Tomas, the executive producer behind Lords of the Fallen, says that the game is "primarily focused on combat, and challenge." "The most important thing that we wanted to do was ... that very special feeling of overcoming the challenge, and becoming proficient" explained Tomas, "That interesting element of satisfaction is so cool that it was a dream of ours." The goal of the game is to "challenge, but not to frustrate."

From the gameplay we've seen, Lords of the Fallen is shaping up to look like the love child of several successful action RPGs, taking the gameplay of Dark Souls, complete with rolls, stamina, and difficulty, with the more exaggerated look of Dragon Age.  Lords of the Fallen is planned for release during the Fall of this year.

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