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E3: Human Revolution Director's Cut Incoming

By Mokman12-06-2013

Well this is...surprising. Eidos Montreal's Jean Francois Dugas has stated at the GameSpot E3 Live Show that a director's cut version for Deus Ex: HR will be arriving for all platforms "soon", though a concrete date has not been given. Most important updates to this version are the boss battles and game balance "overhaul", the AI and graphics have been improved as well - something many people had clamoured for at the start of its release.

Both the DLC content available for the game will be included in the director's cut. So, what do you think? Awesome? Or too late to be relevant?

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Posts: 228

So far, I see no reason to buy it. Especially since all the killing the trailer shows? Yeah, the game prefers if you didn't do it.

Posts: 3290

@Jenssen/Stunt: But Squaresoft are struggling so badly from their poor (read 3+million) sales for their big games. They totally need the money!

Posts: 3290

Wsn't this the one they were saying would be a Wii-U exclusive?

Posts: 127

Well, it is actually quite a standard model for Square, resembles the International versions of the Final Fantasy games. And if that is the case - there is not much point buying this release, unless you are a lore psycho fan :P

Posts: 1548

What, do I have to rebuy the whole game AGAIN?!

Posts: 1317

They could've done like CD Projekt, and released it as a free update for those who already own the game...